Guides for Mac OS Users

Guides to get rid of virus and malware from Mac OS manually

(including: adware, potential unwanted program, spyware, browser hijiacer, scam pop-up, trojan, ransomware, encryption scam, redirect virus, etc. )

(The Mac OS is complicate to operate if you want to change the deep settings. So we don’t recomnend you to remove viruses and malware manually. If you insist to do so, please install Mackeeper to check your PC and repair the bugs caused by viruses and malware. Or the system may be put in danger.)

Step-1. Find and delete malicious files related to virus and malware in “Library” : Finder >> Go >>Library

You may see the following files in Library:

/Library/Application Support/virus and malware/

~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/virus and malware NPAPIPlugin.plugin



/System/Library/Frameworks/virus and malware.framework

2. Uninstall suspicious applications that may be connected with virus and malware: Finder >>Applications >> Move to Trash

Step-3. Delete suspicious extensions associated with virus and malware from Safari: Safari’ >> ‘Preferences’>> extensions >> select suspicious extensions and click Uninstall

Step-4 Install adwanced Mac Anti-malware tools: Mackeeper

1. Download and Install MacKeeper Lite by clicking the button below:

2. By running a scan with “Find & Fix ” function, MacKeeper will detect all junk files and system errors related with virus and malware and other infections, please click “Fix Items Safely” to solve all the problems completely.

“Continue Live Chat” will help you to get instant tech support from professional Mac experts, who will answer all your tech questions and help you fix your system problems.

Congrats!The Mac OS is completely clean and all viruses and malware are removed. Now you can start a safe journey on Internet.

Warning! If you do not have specilized knowledge to figure out all the virus and malware related steps, please don’t take this steps, or you may cause a huge damage on the current system. We highly recommend all computer users to remove virus and malware with easy and safe tools. And we will provide you the optimal options here.




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